• What does it mean to work in concert?
    What does it mean to work in concert?
    After seeing all those bright lights, huge stages, large crowds and famous artists rocking the stage, almost everyone dreams of working on a concert.
  • The main differences between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music
    The main differences between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music
    What is the difference between heavy metal and hard rock music?
  • 4 Best Bands of all Time
    4 Best Bands of all Time
    Music is one of the best arts that has been used for entertainment for a long time in human history.

Must Watch Movies

When it comes to good movies, the scope is all round. There are good movies comedy movies that you watch and think there are the best and there still good drama movies. You can download tv shows free and enjoy your weekends. When it comes to good movies, a movie addict will be able to see and identify a good movie.

There are animation lovers that swear that they can’t watch a drama or romantic movie, but when it comes to good movies, there is no limitation. I am going to give you three best movies I have watched so far. A drama movie, comedy movie, and an animation.

Favorite movies

The Heathsgdfshdgf

This is a comedy movie that I loved; it stars the queen of comedy McCarthy. Whenever you see McCarthy in a movie, you are assured of some good comedy. In this movie, she acts like a cop who uses unconventional ways to arrest culprits.

She is not like the normal cop you will find around. She is rough and uses the street methods whether accepted by law or not. She works with a female FBI agent who she finds very uptight and tries to teach her the street ways of operating as a cop.


This is an animation movie that all the kids have probably watched, but it is still one of my favorite. This is one of those few animation movies that has a very strong story line and not just entertainment. Frozen stars two princesses who are sisters but sadly one has a special ability to freeze everything she touches.

She realizes this and her parents lock her from the world after injuring her small sister when playing with ice. Later on, she causes a lot of havoc with her ability and freezes the whole city. The movie ends when her sister finally saves her.

Perfect guy

This is one of the fewskjhfdjhfjshfsd drama movies that I liked. The title of this movie is an irony of what happens in the movie. It stars a lady who breaks up with a boyfriend in the hope of finding a perfect guy. Instead of finding a perfect guy, she finds a guy who at first looks like the man of her dreams.

With time, she realizes that he is a psychopath who has a bad temper and a criminal. She breaks up with him but later he keeps stalking her and in the process, kills her ex-boyfriend. The guy who seemed perfect is not perfect at the end. She later faces the psychopath after killing her ex-boyfriend and finally kills him.