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    What does it mean to work in concert?
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Choosing The Best TV Provider

vcvc3222Looking for the best tv provider can be confusing and overwhelming. Should you choose cable or satellite service?

Keep in mind that what you are looking for is the best satellite or best cable TV service for your family as you sort through the options.

What works for the person next door may not meet your needs. It is a matter of personal preference.

The availability of programming packages and favorite channels.

  • Check that the packages offered include favorite channels or programs for everyone in the family. Do you prefer reality shows or sitcoms? Remember that not all providers offer local television stations if community news is important to you.
  • Sports programming is a particular category. If you treasure every moment of live sports action, you’ll want to look at the sports-specific packages offered. Make sure the provider you choose covers the sports you want as these usually carry an extra fee because they are outside the core entertainment groupings.

Consider how that programming is delivered and what it looks like

  • Does the clarity of the picture matter to you? See how many HD channels the provider offers if your TV supports high-definition pictures, especially in premium programmings like sports and movies.
  • Ease-of-use is another factor that many viewers consider. Look for interactive guides that make sense to you. Fiber-optic service may be a good choice if you hate that lag-time when you change channels.
  • Digital video recorders are available with most services, but usually at an extra cost. You can include one or more with your service plan. Whole-house DVR is a newer technology with increased recording capability that can record and play back more than one program at once. Check to see which providers offer it.

Cost factor

  • You will need to weigh the long-term costs of each type of provider. Beware of super-low rates offered for the first three or six months. Make sure you know what the monthly cost will be after the sign-up offer expires.
  • Be sure to ask about equipment and installation costs. Cable service subscribers rent the cable box as part of the monthly fee. For the best satellite TV service, look for an offer for free equipment when you sign up for an extended contract.