How Color Blindness Affects Your Entertainment

It has to be understood from the onset of this article that color blindness is not a form of the normal blindness at all. Instead, it is a deficiency in the way a person sees colors. A person having this kind of vision problem have difficulties in distinguishing colors, such as yellow and blue or green and red. In fact, color blindness (commonly referred to as color vision deficiency) is a condition that is commonly inherited, and research has shown that it affects males more than females.

To be specific, according to Prevent Blindness America Report for 2015, an estimated 8 percent of males and slightly less than 1 percent of females have the above condition. Mostly, the most common form of color blindness is the red-green color deficiency, while the blue-yellow color deficiency is the least. Having said that, when it comes to entertainment, everyone needs to get his/her fair share. You are on a vacation, and you need to catch up with some of the latest movies in the industry, perhaps watching it live at theaters. If you color blindness condition, will it affect your entertainment?

The Inability to Clearly Sees 3D Movies

Few years ago, 2009 to be precise, 3D movies moved the entertainment industry to another level of total enjoyment. You must have heard of the famous Avatar movie-the bestselling 3D movies of all time. Since then, 3D movies have streamed the market in spades, and most studious/theaters are quickly taking the advantage of the upcoming trend. Unfortunately, a certain group of the population, particularly those people with color blind conditions and other eye challenges cannot view 3D movies. That in itself, largely affect entertainment lifestyle of an individual. But, are there any remedies so far?

Advanced Remedies to Inability to View 3D Movies

As stated in the introductory section, color blindness affects many people, perhaps 8% and 1% males and females respectively. But the question is, can color blind people watch 3D movies and films?’ The answer to this question is yes. The good news is that you can watch it just like any other normal person with the help of 3D glasses. Indeed, there is a recent technology powering the 3D boom. These glasses are clear and improve the quality of 3-D effects, which allows people to the above condition to see the effects.

The new 3-D technology glasses work effectively for all color blind people, which include those who are completely color blind, blue-yellow blind, and red-green blind. Unfortunately, the above technology comes with some mild side effects that cause minor headaches. In general, with the new technological advancement in the entertainment industry, you need not worry that your color blindness condition will affect your entertainment.